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Chicago Home Show Highlights

Welcome to our Chicago Home Show Highlights page!  We are very pleased to bring you the highest quality lineup of home shows with the absolute strongest advertising plans that you’ll find anywhere in the Chicago area, bar none. 

Not only do our home shows offer the exclusive opportunity to tap into some of the most active areas of Chicagoland, but these events also deliver the most impactful and meaningful meeting of buyer and seller to allow for the most conducive environment for making true and lasting connections.

Our specialty is to provide you solid, smart and highly productive investments for your business and the fact that we continue to deliver heavily attended and highly productive home shows is why we are the #1 event advertising investment for the most active and experienced exhibitors in this market

In fact, we are now the sole producer of home shows in this market, a true testament to our ability to deliver you the finest events and investments for your marketing dollar.  There are many reasons why and we invite you to join us to see just how productive our home shows will be for you as well. 

We have taken great care in selecting exactly when and where we have scheduled each and every home show to provide you ideal geographic coverage for strong productivity of new customers for your business.  In a nutshell, we are covering the vast majority of the Chicagoland suburbs to ensure that we deliver events that will attract the exact buyers you are looking for.

Overall, you'll sense a pattern in the descriptions below.  Over many, many years, we have delivered increasing numbers of attendees every season, setting a new standard for home shows in Chicagoland. The resulting demand will result in the strongest circuit of Chicago Home Shows possible and we will continue to push for bigger, better home shows for ALL of our exhibitors each and every season moving forward.

Now is truly the time to get involved in our events, so please read on and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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Key aspects that our Home Shows will have in common are:

1) All facilities are very clean and well finished with easy access for environments that are welcoming and comfortable to both exhibitors and attendees.  

2) All events target mid to high demographic market areas with very active communities.  Our specialty is attracting quality homeowners with disposable incomes and a track record of high consumer spending.  We’ve taken the steps to bring you True Buyers, not “Tire Kickers”.

3) Our Chicago Home Shows are the exclusive events in the markets they serve, so they truly stand out to the community as the best choices to hire businesses like yours and to purchase products and services to improve their homes.  Also, nearby access from major routes and expressways helps them attend with ease.

4) Our upcoming Chicago Home Shows will be supported by the most substantial media campaigns, including local, major, targeted AND broadcast media such as the top major TV networks to provide you the best opportunities to meet and speak with thousands of qualified homeowners from these areas.

Click below to download the details on the events to allow you to reserve the best booth locations for your business.

Home Show Exhibitor Information

Please contact us with any questions and we will be more than happy to help.  We greatly look forward to showing you what we can do for you and your business.

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